Silnylon stuff sacks

First off, decide the size of the finished stuff sack.  
Let's call the finished width W and the finished length L.
The side and bottom seams will have 0.5" allowance.
There will be a drawstring tube at the top which will be a 0.5" tube of double layer of fabric and 0.25" seams.

The raw material will have width = (W + 1") and length = (L + W/4" + 2")
The top drawstring tube requires the extra 2" of fabric.
The finished bag is 'squared off' by stitching across the bottom seam.  
If you want a rectangular bag, divide the width by 5 or 6 (i.e. W/5" or W/6") before determining the raw material length.

Check out the detailed pictures at Thru-Hiker's "Make Your Own Silnylon Stuffsacks" to understand how the bottom 'squaring off' works:

I prefer to start by making the drawstring tube (as described below) BEFORE sewing the side and bottom seams.  This allows me to create the drawcord tube while the material is flat which I find less complicated.

Stuff Sack Draw Cord Detail

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