Links to Sources of Raw and Finished Materials and Other Information

Here are some of the links I've found for sources of raw materials and how to's.

Best prices when I purchased my materials
'Fabrics' link for roll goods
'Special Deals' link for silnylon end pieces 1# for $23 incl shipping -- great place to start

Raw materials plus plans for specific projects.

Outdoor Wilderness Fabrics
Raw materials

Rockywoods Outdoor Fabrics
Raw materials

Outdoor Equipment Supplier
Finished Products -- this guy makes great silnylon tarps, etc.

Gossamer Gear
Finished Products -- really light weight

Tyvek Information

Fabric info and other tips and tricks

How to sew silnylon (kites)
Good introduction to sewing silnylon

How to Waterproof Silnylon

Thread is also important.  Fabric stores in Anchorage carry Gutermann thread (polyester).   This works.
Metrosene (poylester) is good too.

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