? A breaking wave up to 6 ft. high rushing at 10-15 mph with the incoming tide

WHERE? TURNAGAIN ARM. Don't underestimate the power of a bore tide. Stay out of the water and away from shore. Turnagain Arm glacial flour can become quicksand.

WHEN? How to predict a bore tide:  Check Anchorage tide table for extreme low tides. At -2 ft or less (lower), the tide is most visible (biggest wave).

HOW? Find today's Low Tide Time in Anchorage. Use the list below to add times listed at each location to the Anchorage low tide time. This will give the time (plus or minus 1/2 hour) the wave will pass the given location.

    #1 - Beluga Point 1 hr. 15 min 

    #2 - Indian Point 1 hr. 30 min 

    #3 - Bird Point 2 hr. 15 min 

    #4 - Girdwood 3 hrs 

    #5 - Peterson Crk. 3 hrs. 45 min 

    #6 - 20 Mile Crk. 4 hrs